John Maguire

Eureka: Alternative Android app for Ricoh GR cameras

For years, I’ve suffered with the “Image Sync” app that Ricoh offers for its GR line of cameras: I find that if it will connect at all, it’s often too slow to be usable.

On iOS, users have had a few alternatives to choose from (e.g. GRImageViewer, GR Linker, and GR Remote Viewer to name a few) while on Android, we’re stuck with the official app — that is, until now.

I spent a few free afternoons getting up to speed with Android development in order to create a simple app capable of showing thumbnails of your JPEGs & RAWs, downloading them with a tap. Ricoh GR II, GR III, and GR IIIx cameras are supported.

If you’ve had trouble with Image Sync, it may be worth a try. Check out Eureka on the Play Store.