John Maguire

Eureka: Android app for Ricoh GR II/III/IIIx cameras

For years, I’ve suffered with the “Image Sync” app that Ricoh publishes for use with its GR line of cameras: it is oftentimes so slow to load images that it is practically unusable. On iOS, users have had a few alternatives to choose from (e.g. GRImageViewer, GR Linker, and GR Remote Viewer) but on Android, we’ve been stuck with the official app.

So I did what developers do in these situations: I rolled up my sleeves, spent some free afternoons learning about Android development, and rigged up a simple app that shows thumbnails of JPEGs & RAWs and downloads images with a tap.

Given the many hours spent getting it working and published on the Play Store, I’m asking $2 for the app. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to Image Sync, I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know what you think!

Please feel free to reach out at [email protected] to share your thoughts, report any issues you encounter, or let me know what else you’d like to see in the app!

Eureka on the Play Store